Casanova AI


Casanova AI is an entertainment application for your marriage or relationship. The application has an evergrowing set of new features that will delight you and your better half, and in some cases can really boost your capabilities as a caring and loving lesser half.

Enjoy the app and share the fun!

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Follow Happiness Forecast

As you enter observed daily mood, the app becomes AI mastermind to predict how the day or the next day looks like. The algorithm adapts to a monthly cycle.

Randomize Romantic Messages

Let the app take the pain of creating unique romantic messages. Some of them might be crazy fun or totally weird - it is up to you to decide and finetune what you want to send her.

Use your own dictionaries

When AI falls out, your own content comes in. Customize your messages by adding your own nouns, verbs and adjectives

Prepare for Anniversaries

Never ever forget her birthday or your wedding day


Create as many profiles you need. The app has no limits for how many wifes, girlfriends, mistresses, or fantasy figures you have

Artificial Intelligence

The more you use, the better the forecast may become. Eventhough it may not be always accurate, it should be at least entertaining

Private & Secure

The application runs 100% locally, and only stores data to your own iCloud account


Create your own dictionaries and share with your friends for ever more fun and crazy combinations


Have fun, enjoy the app. Share with your friends and wife - and mistresses

No subscriptions

Buy once, use till death do you apart.

Become a poet

“Your { smile } makes { birds } { dance }"

Casanova AI unique message creator engine gives you instant access to gazillion of different message combinations. You can create your own dictionaries to make the messages unique and fun.

New templates and dictionaries will be added in future application versions.

What’s included


Enter daily observed mood and sensuality levels for the AI to predict future on your behalf. The AI algorithm adapts to monthly cycle and works best when there is sufficient data for predictions. Like any forecast, the end results may vary between accurate and totally random.


Send her unique sugar-coated messages. Let the AI propose templates and dictionaries. Create your own dictionaries to better fit her or your hobbies, profession, interests and life. You can romantize her messages anytime with gazillion of autogenerated message combinations


Never ever forget her birthday, wedding day or the day you had your first fight or a kiss. Become encyclopedia of your relationship dates and times - you can tell her exactly how many days you have been together , or how many days until next anniversary for some random event you have had. You can also categorize the anniversaries so that forgotten events can be mitigated with correct actions.


Even though you only have one soulmate, the app has an option to add multiple profiles. Note that enabling a mistress mode will force use of FaceID authentication.

Use til death do you apart

Casanova AI is available as a low price tier single payment application. No subscriptions, no ads, no in-app payments. Buy once and use til death do you apart.

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Casanova AI reviews

Casanova AI made me the husband she thought she married.

My friends are so envious of the messages my boyfriend sends me. I haven’t told them that he uses Casanova AI.🤭😍

This application made her life luxuryous, and my life tolerable. Thumbs up! 👍

I love the messages my husband sends me once in a while. I know that Casanova AI helps him to create those, but he makes his own dictionaries to make them his own - and he really picks only the ones that suits us. ❤️🥰